Patchcord SC/APC – SC/APC SM G675A1 DX 2.0mm OFNR Yellow

Buy Fiber Optic Patchcord SC/APC – SC/APC SM G675A1 DX 2.0mm OFNR Yellow


Patchcord SC/APC – SC/APC SM G675A1 DX 2.0mm OFNR Yellow

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The SC is a snap-in connector which also features a 2.5mm ferrule much like the ST connector and is known for its excellent performance. The connector is simple, rugged, and low cost. Its simple push on/pull off operations makes it a popular choice.Single-mode fiber provides users with a greater transmission rate in addition to nearly 50 times longer distance as opposed to multi-mode fiber. However, single-mode fiber is more expensive than multi-mode fiber. Among all the differences between single-mode and multi-mode fibers, the most basic is the size difference in the fibers? core as well as the associated loss or attenuation and fiber bandwidth. G675A1 bending insensitive single-mode fibre encompasses all the features and provides good resistance to maro-bending. It has low macro-bending sensitivity and low water-peak level. It is comprehensively optimized for use in O-E-S-C-L band (1260 -1625 nm). It offers good resistance to additional losses due to low macro-bending in the 1625 nm wavelength region. This not only supports L-band applications but also allows for easy installation without excessive care when storing the fibre.Some applications are more sensitive to return loss than others; they call for APC connectors. For example, in higher optical wavelength ranges (above 1500 nanometers) like those used for RF video signals, reflected light can adversely impact the signal. That is why we see APC connectors being used by most cable companies and other FTTX providers in outside plant applications.

APC connectors are also commonly used in passive optical applications (both GPONs and passive optical LANs) due to the fact that many of these systems also use RF signals to deliver video. Future higher-speed passive optical networks and other WDM applications that will use higher wavelengths via singlemode fiber will also likely require the reduced return loss of APC connectors. UPC connectors are blue while APC connectors are green.

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