Fiber optic connectors, the clear choice

When using Shaxon Fiber Connectors to terminate cables, you are going to need specific items to aid in your task.

Fiber optic cable termination is a specialized task and difficult to master for those unfamiliar with the process. Always perform your research before starting. The polishing process needs to be highly accurate for good signal quality.

When using our fiber connectors to terminate, you will need the following:

  • Basic cleaver, score and snap style
  • Electrician’s scissors with notches
  • Fiber stripper for 900 and 250 micron cables
  • Jacket sheath removal tool
  • Anaerobic Epoxy (such as Loctite 680)
  • Crimp tool for (.128, .137, .151, .190) size
  • Tweezers
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Fiber polishing puck
  • Tape for holding onto cleaved fiber waste
  • Varying grit polishing papers (3M Tri-M-ITE)
  • Basic optical power meter for testing

We recommend 3M Tri-M-ITE Wet / Dry Polishing Abrasive Paper

Shaxon offers in-house termination at our Anaheim production facility for custom cables of any job size. Contact our specialists for a quote and current lead times.

Copper connectivity is only part of our solution, Shaxon is proud to offer fiber optic assembly manufacturing in both California and China. We stock economically priced fiber optic cables in a variety of lengths and connector types and produce custom lengths and multi-fiber requirements to your specification.

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