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PPE and Stay Safe Kits

Personal Protective Equipment

Stay Safe Kits and bulk PPE products are shipping now.


Our KN95 face masks are  manufactured with multiple filtering layers to keep every breath safe.

Instant Sanitizer

Included in every Stay Safe Kit is a 2 ounce bottle of FDA approved instant hand sanitizer.

QUALITY construction

The ear loops in all of our masks were designed for comfort and all day use.


Available in a variety of pleasing colors and designs. We manufacture for multiple markets and can accommodate special requests from our customers.

Microfiber cloths for any task!

Microfiber Cloths

See why everyone is searching for the Shaxon brand for household and consumer electronics cleaning.


Our cloths manufactured with split fibers grip onto dust and particles at the microscopic level.


What uses can you think of for microfiber cloths? They have gained popularity in recent years and can be seen in automotive, household, and even beauty departments.

QUALITY construction

We use some of the best knitting techniques paired with high quality synthetic fibers to make sure your cloths are ready to clean in any situation.


Available in a variety of pleasing colors and designs. We manufacture microfiber cloths for multiple markets and can accommodate special requests from our customers.

Check out our selection of power strips!

power strips

What makes a great power strip?


Our PYF-72 series power strips all feature a space saving flat plug. This allows furniture to be placed all the way to the baseboard without damaging the electrical outlet.


The slim 45 degree design not only saves space, it is perfectly angled to provide access to the remaining outlet.


Use of higher quality components, such as 100% copper wire, not only complies with safety standards but it ensures years of proper use.


The matte finish of our PYF-72 series is sure to fit into any interior decor.

Questions about Prop 65 warnings?


Shaxon Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing and distributing goods since 1978

Warehouse and manufacturing facilities in Anaheim, California.

Shaxon’s Consumer Electronics division is focused on expanding our retail presence throughout North America by providing the highest quality products at a favorable price point for the consumer. You would find our products at online retailers, local general and hardware stores, specialty electronics retailers, as well as nationwide  superstores.

Shaxon Industries, established in 1978, is a California-based manufacturer of Voice, Data and related products including Consumer Electronics, Premise Wiring Products, Fiber Optic Assemblies and Enclosures, SFPS and GBICS, Custom Cable Assemblies, Computer Peripheral Cables, Audio/Video Cables, Bulk Cable and Connectors and other Networking Products.

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