Category 5e Patch Cables

Optimize your network offerings with Shaxon’s Category 5e Patch Cables, a trusted solution already utilized in numerous public infrastructure network backbones. Our cables come in a variety of lengths and vibrant colors—black, blue, gray, and white—providing flexibility and customization for any networking project. With options ranging from 1 foot to 7 feet, these cables are perfect for everything from small home networks to extensive enterprise environments.

Quality and Compliance

Each Shaxon Category 5e cable is constructed with 100% copper wiring, ensuring superior conductivity and reliability. This high-quality material selection guarantees minimal signal loss and interference, making these cables ideal for critical network applications. Additionally, our cables adhere to stringent international standards, ensuring they meet global compliance criteria for safety and performance. This commitment to quality makes Shaxon cables a prudent choice for infrastructure that demands robust and reliable network connections.

Ready for Networking

Our cables are available individually, allowing you to create tailored solutions for your specific networking needs. Whether you’re setting up a new office network or upgrading an existing one, Shaxon’s Category 5e Patch Cables deliver consistent and reliable performance. By choosing Shaxon cables, you ensure that you’re using high-quality, compliant, and competitively priced networking essentials that are crucial for maintaining robust and efficient infrastructures.

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