Pre-cut Painters Tape Sheets, 8in X 10in, 10 pieces

Pre-cut painters tape sheets, 8in X 10in, 10 pieces. These sheets are an ideal substrate for filaments with a lower print temperature like our PLA or specialty filaments.


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Pre-cut Painters Tape Sheets, 8in X 10in, 10 pieces

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Our Pre-cut Painters Tape Sheets are cut at 8 inch by 10 inch for 3d printer build plates. Our tape provides better adhesion when printing the first layer which will prevent lifting and curling and results in a higher quality print. It is designed to last multiple uses and has an easy release backing that leaves no residue on the build plate after use. Each package includes ten (10) cut sheets.

Painter’s tape is typically used for substrate in projects where the build plate temperature is under 70 degrees Celsius.

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